Educational piano games for preschool children, built by professional educators. On the blockchain.

NOMI app is a mobile, music learning game for ios and android, built around a highly effective, peer-reviewed teaching method.

Gamified music education

Gaming in education has incredible potential. Nomi app is focused on delivering educational solutions in music education that combines the latest tech and teaching method from true professionals. That can potentially change children’s lives.

Children will learn to play piano by playing fun educational games

They will learn about music and basic music theory

By playing music challenges, children can perfect their skill and have more fun

By playing Nomi games, players collect tokens. The parents can then exchange these tokens for new games and challenges.

Climb the leaderboards and unlock special awards

Collect special digital assets (NFTs) that enhance the game experience

Unique, tested teaching method

Ana Dražul, our founder, is a respected piano teacher with over 20 years of experience. Her teaching method is peer-reviewed and approved by professionals. It also helped her students achieve exceptional results. 

First educational game that uses Blockchain

We use Algorand blockchain because it helps us build a fast, agile and practical loyalty-award system for our players. We award our players with tokens and NFTs, that their parents can later use to unlock new games, challenges and merchandise. These digital collectables will always be a part of the network, and they can transfer them to other games if they want.

We are making music education fun, effective and accessible

“Nomi app is not just a mobile game for iOS and android. It’s a gamified learning platform for preschool, made by real teachers.”

Ana Drazul – Founder

Important industry statistics

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Estimated growth of global online music education for the period of 2021-2027

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Global online music education market estimated revenue by the end of 2027

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Projections for global consumer spending in mobile apps by 2025 (App Store+Google Play Revenue)

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Blockchain-based game playing increased since Q1 of 2021, equating to 52% of all blockchain activity

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